The Centers portion of the study will examine Downtown and Midtown Centers (including the Government Complex), as well as the Medical Center near SH 123 and Wonder World Drive for mixed-use development opportunities where housing, jobs, and services can be in close proximity to high-quality transportation choices and connections.

Government Complex

  • A cluster of government buildings and cultural destinations along Hopkins Street between downtown San Marcos and IH-35.
  • Considered part of the Midtown district and can become a “bridge” between existing and planned high intensity development nodes which flank both sides of the San Marcos River.


  • Bounded by Aquarena Springs Drive, River Road, Hopkins, and the railroad tracks to the west. Includes retail and multi-family residential along Thorpe Lane and several large apartment complexes east of IH-35.
  • Identified as a “high intensity growth area,” Midtown has potential to transform into high-density mixed land use designed for easy access to services, city facilities, the university, and the San Marcos River.

Medical Center

  • An area located within the Medical District just east of I-35, past Hwy 123, north of Cottonwood Creek. A small section follows Hwy 123 north to IH 35.
  • Identified as a “medium intensity growth area,” the Medical Center and surrounding property will incorporate wide mix of land uses and development types to allow residents to live, work, and do many day-to-day tasks within the district.

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